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Creative Industries Initiative


Advance the creative industries as an economic powerhouse for New Mexico. 


Establish a Creative Industries Division in the New Mexico Department of Economic Development to provide statewide funding to fuel entrepreneurship, promote small businesses and nonprofits, create career pathways, accelerate job growth, and catalyze public infrastructure projects within the sector.


The future is economic systems based on innovation and technological development. New Mexico can and should be at the forefront of growth driven by ingenuity, creative expression, and the exchange of ideas because art, culture, and creativity is who we are. 5% of New Mexico employees work in the creative industries. Creative workers earn $2.4B in wages annually. The creative industries generate $5.6B in a given year for the State’s economy. Imagine what more we can do with strategic investment.


Legislative champions are Representative Reena Szczepanski (Santa Fe) and Senator Jeff Steinborn (Las Cruces).

Investment in the creative industries will expand and diversify New Mexico’s economy,
creating a sustainable future based on an untapped natural resource— New Mexico’s creativity.
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